CPMT Soldering workshop

Have you been breadboarding circuits, but want to take it to another level?
Join us at our soldering workshop in the IEEE room (ENGR 376) on Wednesday (11/2) to learn how to make more permanent circuits. We will be hosting the workshop from 1-5PM so feel free to swing by anytime in between. The project will take around 45 minutes to complete.

The circuits and prearranged circuits components for the workshop will be $5 and you can purchase a soldering iron for an additional $5.

Note that IEEE has a limited number of soldering irons so we recommend students bring in their own soldering kit or purchase a soldering iron for $5.

The workshop will cater to a multitude of skill levels and will include specific projects for your appropriate skill level. Students who are just starting out will learn to solder components onto practice pcb boards, and intermediate to advanced students will be constructing a blinking LED circuit.

In addition, we will also be selling pizza for $1 a slice!

This is a perfect workshop for students in ENGR10, EE97, EE98, EE118, or EE120 to develop soldering skills for the future.

Sign up here: goo.gl/HRfkGy


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